Skidanov Roman Vasilievich

Optical information technology department

Leading researcher,
Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, professor

Molodogvagdeiskaya st., 151-206

+7 (846) 332-68-01

Publications: author and co-author of over 120 academic papers, including 7 monographs.

H-index: 13 (Russian Science Citation Index), 9 (Scopus).

Total number of citations: 859 (Russian Science Citation Index), 253 (Scopus).

Number of publications in last 5 years: 33, including journals covered by Web of Science: 7; Scopus: 17; Russian Science Citation Index: 33.

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Evaluating Imaging Quality of the Offner Hyperspectrometer

Nikonorov A. V.Petrov M. V.Iakimov P. I.Karpeyev S. V.Skidanov R. V.Kazanskii N. L. Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing (PRRS 2016) Cancun, Mexico

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"Нанофотоника и ее применение в системе ДЗЗ"

под ред. В. А. Сойфера ; Самар. гос. аэрокосм. ун-т им. С. П. Королева (Нац. исслед. ун-т). - Самара : Новая техника - 2016. - 382 с.

Bezus E. A.Bykov D. A.Doskolovich L. L.Kazanskii N. L.Karpeyev S. V.Morozov A. A.Serafimovich P. G.Skidanov R. V.Soifer V. A.Haritonov S. I.Honina S. N.

"Comparative study of the spectral characteristics of aspheric lense"

Computer optics - 2015, Vol. 39, № 3, p. 363-369

Honina S. N.Skidanov R. V.Morozov A. A.

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