Kazanskii Nikolay Livovich

Big data processing department

Leading researcher,
Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, professor

Molodogvagdeiskaya st., 151

+7 (846) 332-57-83


Author and co-author of over 350 academic papers, 39 patents of invention, and 8 monographs.

Education and certificates:

  • 1975: graduated from physical/mathematical school 63, Kuibyshev
  • 1981: graduated with honours from Kuibyshev Aviation Institute (presently Samara State Aerospace University), programme “Applied Mathematics”, System engineering faculty (presently Information science faculty); since 1978, he has been a Lenin scholarship holder

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Evaluating Imaging Quality of the Offner Hyperspectrometer

Nikonorov A. V.Petrov M. V.Iakimov P. I.Karpeyev S. V.Skidanov R. V.Kazanskii N. L. Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing (PRRS 2016) Cancun, Mexico

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"Modeling the reflection of the electromagnetic waves at a diffraction grating generated on a curved surface"

Computer optics - 2016, Vol. 40, № 2, p. 194-202

Haritonov S. I.Kazanskii N. L.Doskolovich L. L.

"Нанофотоника и ее применение в системе ДЗЗ"

под ред. В. А. Сойфера ; Самар. гос. аэрокосм. ун-т им. С. П. Королева (Нац. исслед. ун-т). - Самара : Новая техника - 2016. - 382 с.

Bezus E. A.Bykov D. A.Doskolovich L. L.Kazanskii N. L.Karpeyev S. V.Morozov A. A.Serafimovich P. G.Skidanov R. V.Soifer V. A.Haritonov S. I.Honina S. N.

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