Denisova Anna Iurievna

Geoinformation technology department


Linear spectral mixture analysis of hyperspectral images with atmospheric distortions

Denisova A. I.Myasnikov V. V. Proceedings of the The International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics (ICCVG 2016) Warsaw, Poland

Two Realizations of Probability Anomaly Detector with Different Vector Quantization Algorithms

Denisova A. I. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Analysis of Images, Social Networks, and Texts (AIST 2016) Yekaterinburg, Russia

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"Atmospheric correction of hyperspectral images using small volume of the verified data"

Computer optics - 2016, Vol. 40, № 4, p. 526-534

Denisova A. I.Myasnikov V. V.

"Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis of Hyperspectral Images with Atmospheric Distortions"

Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Vol. 9972, p. 134–141

Denisova A. I.Myasnikov V. V.

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