Goshin Egor Viacheslavovich

Geoinformation technology department

+7 (846) 270-96-24



Segmentation of stereo images with the use of the 3d hough transform

Goshin E. V. Proceedings of the International conference on information technology and nanotechnology - 2016 (ITNT-2016) Samara, Russia

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"The hybrid CPU/GPU implementation of the computational procedure for digital terrain models generation from satellite images"

Computer optics - 2016, Vol. 40, № 5, p. 721-728

Fursov V. A.Goshin E. V.

"Iterative procedure for camera parameters estimation using extrinsic matrix decomposition"

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering - Vol. 9807, p. 980713-01 - 980713-10

Goshin E. V.Fursov V. A.

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