Haritonov Sergei Ivanovich

Optical information technology department

Leading researcher,
Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics

Molodogvagdeiskaya st., 151-217

+7 846) 332-27-64


Publications: author and co-author of over 100 academic papers, including 1 monograph.
H-index: 13 (Google Scholar), 13 (Russian Science Citation Index), 6 (Scopus).
Total number of citations: 631 (Scopus).
Number of publications in last 5 years in journals covered by Web of Science: 5; Scopus: 11.

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"Geometric-optical calculation of the focal spot of a harmonic diffractive lens"

Computer optics - 2016, Vol. 40, № 3, p. 331-337

Haritonov S. I.Honina S. N.

"Modeling the reflection of the electromagnetic waves at a diffraction grating generated on a curved surface"

Computer optics - 2016, Vol. 40, № 2, p. 194-202

Haritonov S. I.Kazanskii N. L.Doskolovich L. L.

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