The team of Geoinformation technology department, headed by V. V. Sergeyev, a professor, Doctor of Engineering (higher doctorate), has many years of experience in the field of digital signal processing, image analysis and pattern recognition, development and implementation of geographic information technologies.

Over 200 academic papers and a number of theses (PhDs and Doctors of Science in Engineering and Physics and Mathematics) on processing, pattern recognition and analysis of digital images (including aerial and satellite imagery of ERS) are defended. The main part of the original results obtained by the authors is presented in four monographs published in Russia and abroad.

The team includes 9 PhDs and 4 Doctors of Science. More than a half of the department’s team members are under 35 years old.

The department’s activity aims at solving the following problems:

  1. Compressing, encryption, and protection of ERS data in distributed geographic information systems

  2. Application of ERS data in geographical information systems for study and forecasting the natural and urban environment, managing the information society and natural resources

  3. Thematic analysis and interpretation of hyperspectral, optical, and radar remote sensing data.

key employees

Sergeev Vladislav Viktorovich

Leading researcher,
Doctor of Engineering (higher doctorate)

+7 (846) 267-49-06

Chernov Andrei Vladimirovich

+7 (846) 267-49-08


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