Soifer Viktor Aleksandrovich

Project supervisor,
Academician of the RAS

Molodogvardeiskaya st., 151

+7 (846) 332-26-04, +7 (846) 332-56-20

President of Samara University.

Head of Technical Cybernetics department.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Professor, Doctor of Engineering (higher doctorate).

Born on 18 June 1945.

1975–1983: Dean of Information science faculty.

1990–2010: Rector of SSAU.

Winner of state awards.

Graduated from Kuibyshev Aviation Institute in 1968.

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"Computer simulation of satellite data for urban expansion analysis"

International journal of mathematics and computers in simulation - 2016, Vol. 10, p. 142-151

Soifer V. A.

"Нанофотоника и ее применение в системе ДЗЗ"

под ред. В. А. Сойфера ; Самар. гос. аэрокосм. ун-т им. С. П. Королева (Нац. исслед. ун-т). - Самара : Новая техника - 2016. - 382 с.

Bezus E. A.Bykov D. A.Doskolovich L. L.Kazanskii N. L.Karpeyev S. V.Morozov A. A.Serafimovich P. G.Skidanov R. V.Soifer V. A.Haritonov S. I.Honina S. N.

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